Out Of Office

Author : Anne Helen Petersen; Charlie Warzel


The big problem and bigger promise of working from home.


A game-changing book about the revolutionary potential of working from home, by two experts who work - and live - together. 

When the COVID-19 pandemic closed offices around the world, sending millions into makeshift home offices, it was a forced compromise made under duress. But 2020 taught us that there may be another way to work: one that doesn't involve hellish commutes and set schedules that no longer make sense, especially for companies with international reach. 

While working from home can make people happier and make companies more productive, it has its pitfalls. Doing it well takes some thought. Out of Officecombines Charlie and Anne's first-person experiences of moving to a rural area and working remotely - for years before the pandemic hit - to demonstrate how workers everywhere can find new ways of working anywhere. 

Out Of Office